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Noob Maker

Creating products on your own is not easy

There's more to a maker's life than just starting a project.

Grow it, maintain it, share with the world!

How do you start the research?

How do you know if the project is still worth it?

How do you earn money out of it?

I can make it easy for you by sharing

  • my journey from my personal projects (5 at the moment of writing this)

  • what I learned about the maker's world (summary of podcasts, books, courses)

  • my experience from more than 8 years of working in the software development field

How will I do that?

1. Each week I send you a new article

2. You do the practice part

3. You become awesome!

Season 1 - A wild noob appears

Haha, yeah, I know 😂. The idea behind this was to have some sort of introduction, just like you got some kind of synopsis on some kind of TV series.

Season dashboard

Here you can see all the stats about this season. I use the same model as the TV series and also provide the progression, schedule, and other notable information about the season.


🚧 Progression: 20/25 articles

📅 Schedule: Every Wednesday

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